Curry Pasties

We often enjoy a mild curry and I do admit that when making, I resort to using a ready-made curry sauce. Having tried lots of brands, our favourite is Aldi’s Korma.

On occasion, I find I have made too much and not being one to waste food, I turn the left-overs into curry pasties.

Again, I make no apologies for using readymade pastry either. Shortcrust works well, but the Domino household prefers puff pastry. Putting together couldn’t be simpler.

Roll out the pastry and cut out tea-plate size circles of pastry – two will easily cut from one sheet, then roll up the remaining pieces and roll out into a third circle.

Mix together left-over curry and rice, adding any extras you want to make sufficient filling. In this case, I add some thawed left-over roast chicken and a spoonful of mild curry powder. I also poured in some remaining sauce from the second jar I had opened to make our main curry meal, as the mixture was a little dry.

Spoon filling into each circle.

Don’t add too much or it will spill out when folding the pastry over and you will have difficulty sealing the edges.

Damp the edges with water.


Fold up into a pasty shape and crimp together.

Or fold pastry over to make semi-circular pasties, seal carefully and crimping with a fork.

Brush with egg or milk before baking in oven for approx 30 mins at 180-190 degrees (fan) or equivalent.


Delicious served hot or cold, and great for picnics.

Of course, these pasties can be as large or small as you like.








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