Ouzo Dream Cocktail

Ouzo Dream Cocktail

Ouzo Dream

One of the many cocktails served whilst staying at Agios Gordios on Corfu a few years ago was the sublime Ouzo Dream. I would never have thought of creating a cocktail with Ouzo but this one was deliciously refreshing as well as being as blue as the ocean lapping the sands in front of me. Simple to make but be wary – drinking too much can cause your pee to turn blue!

Ingredients and Method:

In a tall glass, a generous measure of ouzo over ice, followed by Sprite or lemonade and topped by a measure of curacao. Serve with a slice of lemon, a straw and a good splash of Greek sun, preferably brought to your sun lounger by a sexy Greek barman. Bliss.


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  1. […] Perhaps I had been there before, in a past life or in a dream. Whatever the reason, Agios Gordios will remain in my memory for a lifetime. It will have to as I have probably lost all my holiday photos thanks to a computer error. Hopefully the Greek Gods will look down kindly on me and restore them or else take my path back there some day so I can take some more whilst sampling one of the many cocktails served at Agios Gordios, especially the Ouzo Dream. […]


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