Rudesheimer Coffee

Came across this delightful, heartwarming coffee whilst on holiday in Rudesheim, Germany several years ago. Have been enjoying it ever since. Particularly good on a freezing, snowy day such as today here in the UK.

Rudesheimer Coffee: per serving.

pic_ruedesh_kaffInto a tall coffee cup/mug put in teaspoon of sugar (optional).

Pour in 1 measure of Asbach Uralt brandy (can use other brandy but best with the real deal).

Using long match, set brandy alight (you might want to warm brandy first in microwave).

Leave to burn for a few moments and then whilst still flaming, pour in hot, strong, fresh brewed coffee (please, not instant coffee!) and fill to approx inch below rim.

Top with whipped cream sweetened with a little vanilla sugar and sprinkle with dark chocolate.

Drink coffee through cream or as we do, through a straw, using a spoon to enjoy the cream.



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