About Kit’s Kitchen

WELCOME to Kit’s Kitchen where I showcase tempting recipes for food and drink, along with helpful tips and hints concerning cookery and the kitchen itself.

These are recipes that work for me.  Over the years, with a very fussy husband to feed I’ve had to adapt many recipes to suit and along the way gained a vast amount of knowledge re food and drink, so I hope you will find something useful here and enjoy what’s on offer. There’s always a warm welcome in my kitchen.

A Garlic, Cranberry and Coriander Free Zone

Kit’s Kitchen is a garlic, cranberry and coriander free zone. Not because I don’t like garlic – I do, I love it! But my husband has a severe aversion to the sight, taste and smell of it so I avoid using where possible. If you want to add garlic to any given recipe, feel free: it’s your choice, your food, so you enjoy it.

I never use cranberries as I have a medical problem which means the eating of them or their juice can cause life-threatening problems for me. I find it so frustrating, especially around Christmas time, when food manufacturers put cranberries into just about everything they can think of. They seem to ignore that a) not everyone can eat them, and b) not everybody likes them!

As to coriander – I simply do not like the taste. The fresh leaves are too overpowering a flavour which spoils the taste of everything else.

If you want to add any of the these to my recipes, feel free – it’s your food.

In all recipes calling for sugar, this can be substituted with a sugar alternative. I regularly use this, choosing Stevia, sometimes in full, sometimes half and half. It’s a matter of trial and error and lifestyle choice.

I’m also addicted to food programmes with the exceptions of those silly “Come Dine with Me” or “Masterchef” type ones. I want to learn about cooking,  not see people make fools of themselves and with food. The only fools I like are gooseberry, rhubarb, and strawberry (although I’m not supposed to eat strawberries!). My favourite all-time chef is James Martin, but others include Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Nigel Slater, Rachel Allan, and Delia Smith.

I hope you try the recipes, enjoy the images, join in the conversations and share your thoughts or questions. I will try my best to answer them or point you to someone else who can.

Come back soon for lots of recipes, hints and foodie tips.




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